Bury in Bloom reveal plans for new roundabout Sculpture

A new Sculpture is being considered for a Bury St Edmunds Roundabout.

Local Artist Nigel Kaines, who has already produced some iconic pieces for the town, is being considered for creating a new piece for the Northgate Street and Tayfen Road Roundabout.

The sculpture, which is yet to be completed would show tree life sized monks paying tribute to the Abbey of St Edmunds, in its 1000th year.

Bury in Bloom, say that the installation would be another iconic piece in the organisations hope to tell the story of Bury St Edmunds across 20 roundabouts.

A number of roundabouts already have artwork installed on them, ‘St Edmunds’ With the Grain, The Wolf, The Crown, The Flight of Peace and John Moore Cycle.

Bury in Bloom are now looking to raise funds for the project. It is hoped the sculpture would be installed next year.