Gambling firms under fire over addiction aid and advice

The Gambling Commission is cracking down on various gambling firms in an attempt to improve
the safeguards that are in place to help protect vulnerable people from gambling addictions.
This movement has been put in place after various critics are accusing companies of ‘marking
their own homework’ by being part of working groups. Due to this, there has been a number of
intercessions in an attempt to improve standards.

After receiving an array of complaints concerning the safeguards that gambling firms have in
place, the Gambling Commission has put together three working groups to find ways of
strengthening the current safeguards that are in place to protect vulnerable people. There is
huge importance surrounding this project with their being an ever-rising development of
gambling addiction across the globe.

SG Gaming is a company that designs various gaming solutions which includes software they
have designed for fixed-odds betting terminals. Some of their games have been under fire from
various complaints about their gambling-style designs that are available on Facebook too under

SG Gaming has been named one of the working groups to help examine how the industry can
improve the design of products to reduce the risk present to ‘problem gamblers’ across the
globe. Playtech will also aid SG Gaming in their research.

Playtech spoke to reporters saying they would be doing: “important work, which builds on our
existing work into problem gambling and game design”.

The second industry working group put in place by the Gambling Commission is being led by
GVC, owner of Ladbrokes, who have the job of examining the VIP incentives included across
various gambling firms. GVC was found to have been gifting various VIP rewards to a problem
gambler who bet £1 million of stolen money.

Betting powerhouses, Sky Bet is the third named working group that will aid the Gambling
Commission in their movement and will look at improving the safety of online advertising. There
have been various complaints towards Sky Bet in the past year after they featured Paul Merson
in their campaign promotions after the ex-footballer admitted to recovering from a gambling
addiction himself.

Sky Bet accepted a fine of £1 million in 2018 for allowing numerous potentially vulnerable
people to continue using their gambling services after they had requested permission to stop
being able to use their site.

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