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Why RWSfm?

Radio is on 24/7, reaching over 90% of people age 12 and older every week.

Radio reaches consumers close to the time and location of purchase, whether they’re in-store or online shoppers.

RWSfm reaches listeners in their cars when they’re driving to shops, restaurants, etc.. More than 50% of RWSfm listeners listen in their car*

Listeners feel an emotional connection with their preferred Radio stations. 36% of RWSfm listeners listen every day. Another 50% listen at least once a week*

Passive forms of advertising merely list merchandise or tell where a product is available, radio is an active medium capable of stirring emotion, creating demand and selling products and services.

Radio is a call-to-action medium.

Approximately 1/3 of TV time is devoted to commercials, about 2/3 of newspapers are comprised of ad copy, and Internet users are now subjected to a barrage of advertising.

With an average of 6 commercial minutes per hour (about 10% of each hour), RWSfm affords an uncluttered environment for advertisers.

RWSfm ads are always forefront for the listener’s attention – ads aren’t surrounded by competitors’ spots or buried in the back pages.

Creative Flexibility
No matter how small or large the advertiser, Radio allows creativity to brand and create a unique identity that consumers will remember.

Affordable production allows tailoring ads for compatibility to various formats, increasing appeal to listeners.

*Online survey carried out in August 2017
Don’t Take our word for it…

Hear what Mark Cordell, Chief Executive Officer of Our Bury St Edmunds Business Improvement District has to say.


“We’ve advertised a number of our events with the station”
“Very good, value for money advertising”
“A real supporter of our local businesses”

For Bury, By Bury, In Bury