Geoff Cross

Geoff first flirted with the airwaves in the national/local Christmas charity broadcasting project Radio Cracker in the Decembers of ’91 &’92.

This was followed by several RSLs (Restricted Service Licence) achieved by Cambridge Community Radio, Midsummer Radio, 209 Radio, Cambridge City Radio and then DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) with Affinity Radio (all in Cambridge).

After deciding to move across the border to West Norfolk in 2012 Geoff took a break whilst settling in and assessing where the next radio experience would take him.

Having a modicum of knowledge of RWSfm he decided to apply for an afternoon slot ………

and the rest is history ……….

Geoff enjoys a range of music, which is reflected in his “decent” size collection of vinyl and CD albums and singles, along with a smattering of comedy albums and quirky tracks that are (in his words) all too often not aired these days.

Geoff has a mission to share some (if not all!) of these unheard/forgotten tracks as well as other excellent mainstream pop and will endeavour to do so on his afternoon programme here on RWSfm.