Work Experience Summer 2012 – Blog

Friday  6th July – Day FIVE!!!

Josh –

today was out last day, what an amazing week, can’t believe it’s over wish this could last longer. Today we were live on the radio, I had to do a throw forward that was easy, thanks to the crew of rwsfm for taking me, Tyler, Tasha. What I had for lunch today was a chicken burger with chips and some chocolate balls.

Tasha –

Just came off air from the Experience Show! Can’t believe how much fun it was! All the worrying and planning all week has led to an amazing show. So many people emailed in which we were really happy about as we felt we had loads of support behind us! We have learnt so much this week, when we first got here we we’re extremely nervous and couldn’t even speak into the microphone confidently and now we loving our two hours on air singing along to all the tunes! It’s really sad that it has all come to an end as I have had so much fun and would recommend this to anyone as it’s a really good experience! Next week is not going to be half as fun as this week!

Tyler –

OMG cant believe how well this week has been and how amazing everyone here at rwsfm is , its been truly fantastic and abit gutted its over 🙁 want to say a huge thankyou to julie and grant ad also the rest of the station for taking us on and being so friendly and helpful. Im sure its been the best working atomosphere out of all the work expericences 😀
today we practiced for our 2 hour show , getting music ready , after lunch we started getting ready for the show .
The actual was fantastic so much fun and such a good experience. Couldnt of asked for a better week.
Thankyou so much rwsfm 🙂 you have made this week fenomanal 🙂

Photos From The Live Show – Friday 6th 2 pm – 4pm

The Guys getting ready to do a live link

Tyler takes to the desk!

Thursday 5th July – Day Four!

I cant actually believe how amazing this week has been so far. Only that tomorrow is our show oh my god, today at lunch i had a steak & kidney pie with peas and i never eat peas, and chips and gravy. Me and ryan practiced the throw forward before lunch and i was better.

Today has been brilliant, we were preparing for our show for Friday and finished all the planning  looking forward for the show tomorrow got some good music lined up and features that will be cool 🙂 Another brilliant day at the station , it’s so much fun 🙂

Tasha –
Can’t believe how fast this week has gone. Only tomorrow to go which is the scariest of them all – The Experience Show. Today we spent planning the show and choosing all the types of music we wanted to use (if we have time to play it all!) Really looking forward to it but the timing is going to be difficult luckily we have lots of people around to help us. It’s so sad that this is nearly the end as I’ve had such an amazing week all ready.

Wednesday 4th July – Day Three!

Josh –
Today we started off by making a new promo with Ryan for the drive shows they doe. Me and Tyler was working on this while Tasha was recording a two hour show. Lunch was the same again a tuna roll with cress and cucumber with chips and a dr. Pepper, after lunch we were practicing on the mixer for our show , plus we were on the air playing out some banging tunes. We had to play music from the 70s to 2012, i love working here the people are so nice, they are so helpful. Today was amazing again, can’t wait till tomorrow.

Tyler –
Today, we started off with making a promo for the drive time traffic and travel team for their weekly shows. We did that run up until lunchtime with Ryan.
Lunchtime was fantastic again with quality food. After lunch we headed back to the studio to prepare for our music only show we were playing that afternoon. After everything was prepared we started our playing a variety of good music stretching from the 70s right up until today’s music. We took it in turns on the desk with the music and while we were waiting, we practiced on studio two 🙂
Once again another brilliant day at the station, Work here is absolutely fantastic 🙂

Tasha –

Today has been really exciting. First I got to record a two hour show with Honey in Studio 2, practicing with the faders and talking with the microphone which was so fun (and also a bit scary!) Now I feel more prepared for our big show on Friday. While I was doing that, the boys were making promos for the drive time show which I’m sure are going to sound amazing! This afternoon, we took it in turns to operate the desk live with the help of Mike Potter which was really good fun and we got loads of tips. Remember to tune in on Friday because we are all so excited!

Tuesday 3rd July – Day Two!


What have I done today, well we all started off by planning for our sick show that’s coming up Friday, I can’t wait but bet I will say something wrong oh well that’s life, we met Leigh today he is a nice person, then at lunch I have a tuna roll , with cress, lettuce and cucumber. After our lunch we planned for a bit more then we went to studio two, that’s were I got showed up by the pros at speaking,  we also learned how to put  songs on the myriad system what was pretty easy.


Today we started planning our music and features that we were going to use for our upcoming show this Friday. We chose a vast variety of music genres stretching from hip-hop to the old dance music.
Our show will involve music from artist such as Jay-z, Tim Berg, Calvin Harris, Martin Solveig, Azealia Banks, Benni Benassi, Coldplay, Frank Ocean and more.
In the afternoon we went into the studios to practice on the mixers using a play out system to test our voices with jingles and music. Yeeeeeeeep it was quality-eeeeeeeeeeeeee  😀 Work Experience at RWSfm 103.3 is brilliant and I am enjoying myself a lot 🙂

Second day was even better than the first! Today we were preparing for our show on Friday by choosing the songs and making a playlist. Also, we were choosing what to talk about and writing out what we were going to say which was really good. After lunch, we carried on planning for a little while and learnt how to put songs into the Myriad system before moving into Studio 2 where we started learning how to use the faders. It was amazing! We recorded ourselves linking songs and talking into the mic and then listened back to ourselves. It was really scary at first but after a while I was really enjoying it. Really excited for Friday but there’s plenty of planning still to be done!



Monday 2nd July – Day One!

Tasha –
What a first day! First we were welcomed by station manager Julie and were shown around the radio station office and studio where Honey was live on air. We had the opportunity to use the station’s programmes such as Audacity to make practice promos using audio clips and sound tracks from previous shows. We met loads of presenters including Banksy, Ryan and Grant.  After lunch we made our own promo for our Work Experience show with the help of ‘magic fingers’ Andrew which was so fun and now it’s on the radio! Can’t wait for tomorrow where we start preparation for the Friday show.

Josh –
We started of with a tour around, then we got introduction to the radio station. We met Ryan and he asked to try and make a practice promo, we met honey as well she was on live while, me, Tyler and Tasha were using audacity in the office. We also met banksy, and Andrew. Andrew helped us make or promo. Then we had lunch and   after lunch we made our promo with Andrew. We then went into the studio and recorded our voice clips, I was terrible at this.

Tyler –
Started off with an introduction and welcoming of the Radio station. Met Julie & Grant and introduced us to some of the other staff members at the station (Ryan, Honey, Banksy and Andrew).

We went into the studio, where honey was broadcasting live on air with her morning show. Afterwards we went into the office to work on some practice promos (I worked on a piece of clips from the Banksy barmy bonanza) as practice for a promo we were making for our show a bit later on in the day.

After lunch we headed back to the station office and went into the studio to record our voice clips for the promo. After we had recorded them we went back to the office to edit the clips to put with some music for our final product of the promo (with help from Andrew Fraser ) 🙂

You Can Listen to there Promo Here: