Bury St Edmunds is the most dangerous place to use a cashpoint

St Andrew’s St North cashpoint – Google Maps

Bury St Edmunds has topped the list of the most dangerous place to withdraw cash from a cash point according to data from Money Super Market which was shared with the Mirror news paper.

According to a serious of Freedom of Information requests with police forces Bury St Edmunds had the highest number of thefts and robberies per person that happened near ATMs, one in every 415 residents  in the last decade. This compares to cities such as Leeds where one in 5,143 experienced this crime and in London where one in 6,340 were targeted by a cash point machine.

Newmarket came 4th and Ipswich and Lowestoft were ranked 6th and 7th.

According to the data big cities were ranked as safer with Manchester ranked 19th and London 153rd in the list.

Position Location Number of thefts/robberies near ATMs per resident
1st Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk one in 415
2nd Watford, Hertfordshire one in 463
3rd Nottingham, Nottinghamshire one in 542
4th Newmarket, Suffolk one in 551
5th Borehamwood, Hertfordshire one in 621
6th Ipswich, Suffolk one in 623
7th Lowestoft, Suffolk one in 658
8th Killingworth, Northumbria one in 692
9th Market Drayton, Shropshire one in 693
10th Potters Bar, Hertfordshire one in 698