New equipment helps keeps patients at home thanks to My WiSH Charity

My WiSH Charity has been helping to prevent hospital admissions recently by donating five nebulisers to the community respiratory team.

Led by Nadia Lennard, the respiratory nurse specialists and respiratory physiotherapists work out of West Suffolk House on Western Way in Bury caring for patients in their own homes.

Their aim is to avoid admission to hospital, and support patients who have been discharged. They also play a vital role in the Covid virtual ward which sees patients being treated in their own homes rather than having to come into hospital.

Sally Daniels, fundraising manager with the community respiratory team including lead Nadia Lennard, fourth from the left.

On average, they care for 400 patients who are on oxygen, plus others needing other respiratory care.

Nadia said “Our patients all have respiratory needs including COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Treating them in their own home is so important not only because the hospital is so busy, but because we all know patients do better in their own environment”.

She continued “We can’t thank My WiSH Charity and their supporters enough for these nebulisers. They will make such a different and allow us to treat more patients”.

Sally Daniels, fundraising manager, added “People often think we only support West Suffolk Hospital, but this isn’t the case. We also enhance the care of patients in the community right across Suffolk. This covers all ages as well as aspects of care. It’s so important to help patients be treated at home if possible. This is better for them and their families, it means less travel to and from the hospital, less support needed by family and friends for these appointments or hospital stays and freeing up beds means we can help the patient flow within the hospital.”

“The nebulisers cost £100 each which is a small price to pay for the huge amount of difference each one will make”.

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