Villagers in Beyton now owns its Village Green

Beyton Parish Council has revealed that after long negotiations it now owns The Green on behalf of the village.

The council made the announcement at its November meeting.

The news means that for the first time, villagers, via the Parish Council, can take full responsibility for all aspects of The Green including insurance cover, granting permission for events, ensuring the care of all trees, the stream, and the like.

The land will remain legally registered as a “Village Green” with no major changes anticipated.

Previously the council had a lease on the land but, over the years, this proved problematic.

A spokesperson from Beyton Parish Council said: “We would like to thank the Ladies of the Manor –sisters Mrs Gloria Goodson and Mrs Sandra Bishop, from the Walpole family whose association with the village dates back to the 18th century. They have been helpful, understanding and considerate during what were quite detailed negotiations, and we thank them for their stewardship of the land over many, many years”.

To commemorate the significance of this event, Beyton Parish Council plans to erect a plaque acknowledging the historic ownership by the Walpole family and the ultimate acquisition of The Green for the people of Beyton