Work Experience – November 2012 Blog

16th November – Day5!

Ed –

The day of the show, we spent the morning completing our preparations for the show, and had a Dominoes pizza lunch. It was pretty neat. The show went really well, there were a few mess ups, but the overall output sounded as good as we could have hoped! I most enjoyed it when I was controlling the desk because I was in control of what went on. I seemed to sound better today, than I did in the promo, which I was very glad of!

I had a great week, and I met lots of lovely people from the station. There was lots of fun and laughs, and everybody was very welcoming. YAeh!! See you later ladies.

Keran –

SHOW DAY! I was so excited and so nervous at the same time. First thing this morning, we had a Wash-Up meeting to discuss the succession of last night’s events and to see if there were anywhere we could improve. It was a different experience being in a meeting, but I quite liked it. Afterwards we got back to work and made many moderation’s on our script. I got to work on my VoxPox’s too, it was tricky but I eventually got the hang of it. Lunch was great! Julie ordered Dominoes pizza, mmm yum yum! We all sat around eating it and having a chat, it was really enjoyable. We were all stuffed with 1 and a half boxes left of pizza, oh my. 2 o’clock was approaching, the nerves were increasing ah! Getting into the show was chaotic and scary but soon enough we got into the swing of it! I made many errors but it was all a learning process! I accidentally called Daniel Craig ‘David Craig’ instead, oh dear, apologies to all the major Bond fans! After the show it was all hugs and farewells, rather emotional to be honest! I couldn’t of asked for a better week though, it was absolutely amazing. Thank you to everyone! xx*


Jordanne –

The day was finally upon us. The last day of the best week ever. It all
went so quickly that it is hard to recall what happened. In the morning,
Julie, Honey, Ed, Keran and myself all gathered round Julie’s desk and we
had a Wash-Up meeting where we spoke about how well the OB went and what we
could of improved on. We kept getting sidetracked but overall we all knew
how successful the OB was! After that we ran through the show, made a lot
of alterations and then ordered pizza for lunch! (I know, trashy food yet
again! Blame Julie 😉 ) We were all so stuffed after the first box of pizza
and we still had two more boxes! However Ryan came alone before the show
went live and finished them off!

After reading through all our good luck emails we started getting ready for
the show. As I was up controlling the desk first I got to take things off
automation (with the help of Julie) then for 15 minutes I chose what songs
to play before the show officially started. Once the show was live the ran
so quickly! I stressed myself out a lot and stumbled a bit after a few
minor mess ups but all was calmed by my lovely masseuse’s! 40 minutes later
and I was away from the big desk… ‘and r e l a a a a a a x’ was I could
think. The rest of the show went well, I spoke to Grant with Julie over
Skype while I was having a little break and then before I knew it, the show
was over. I did have a little cry because I was going to miss the station
so much and because the thought of going back to school was daunting me
even more.

Who knows, you might hear from me another day… but for now its farewell.
Thank you to everyone who listened to our show and shared the work
experience adventure with us! Couldn’t be more grateful for the time I
spend with the lovely people at RWS FM 103.3!

15th November – Day4!

Ed –

This morning, we made the final prep for our show. I finished my script, and made my final decisions on my playlist. We then went to town, and had our lunch in pizza hut. (They have a very good buffet!) That afternoon, we helped with the live broadcast from Bury town centre for the Christmas light switch on. I was assigned the genuinely important role of food man. I kept all of the presenters fed and watered. We all had a lot of fun, and there was very jovial atmosphere. I was thoroughly knackered when we finished!

Keran –

Well today has been absolutely brilliant! One of the best days ever! This morning we did some preparation for our show, sorting out scripts, running times and playlists. It was complicated stuff but we managed! At 12 o’clock, we went down into the town center where we met Julie, Honey, Serge and Banksy, they were all setting up for the live outdoor broadcasts for the Christmas Light switch on, it looked great! Julie sent me, Ed and Jordanne off for lunch, we went to Pizza Hut, it was delicious! We filled our stomachs! When we returned, Julie gave us some bright pink vests to wear, they were really cool actually. Although it was a little chilly outside, the afternoon and evening were spectacular! I had a great time, couldn’t of asked for more. Excited for the show tomorrow! Shattered now though, bon soir! x


Jordanne –

Well, I really on have one word that can sum up today. AMAZING. AMAZING.
AMAZING. We had such a hard working morning, getting scripts, playlists and
the information ready for our show then at 12 we were sort of relieved from
that and had the afternoon off for the outside broadcast that was too take
place during the Christmas light switch on.

First off Keran, Ed and I went off for our lunch, we had Pizza Hut which was very
filling indeed, but we wouldn’t of been able to have that special meal if
it wasn’t for the brilliant Julie for giving us the money! Thanks again!
After lunch we went back to base where the mini studio was set up right
beside the stage where Banksy would be hosting in the evening. It was quite
an interesting afternoon, filled with the obvious, music, people,
excitement and yeah more music! Local schools and bands performed on stage
which was brilliant to watch. Also Honey and Ryan hosted their drive time
show live from the centre of town which went really well. My job for the
evening was to make sure Banksy was always where he needed to be and I
think I just about did OK!

At the end of all of it I was so tired that I completely knocked out as I
fell onto my bed. It really was a special experience which I will never

14th November – Day3!

Ed –

Today we worked on our scripts, I regrettably did not do the right thing, as when we came to show ours, I was unsure of what I was saying. Anyway, after 45 minutes of intensive labour, that has now been rectified! I finalized my playlist, and have got hold of all but one of my songs which is coming via email rather soon! I now feel very confident about how the show will go, even though the others can’t decide on what they want to write about! Anyway, it has been another fun day! And I can’t wait for tomorrow where we will be in town; covering Bury’s Christmas lights turn on. see you tomorrow J

Keran –

Hola! Another good day, a few minutes upon arrival, Julie told me that later on in the morning I was going to be in control of the desk in the studio for half an hour, live on air (not talking though fortunately, that’s Friday)! We were choosing our own music and learning how to work the desk and all the different buttons, it was great! Considering I wasn’t going to be able to play all the songs I had planned to on Friday, I was more than eager to play them this morning. During the time I was on the radio, the news was going to intercept so I had to time a lot of it and it’s quite difficult to be precise but it worked out well! It was a great experience and so I am looking forward to Friday’s show even more now! I played a bit of KT Tunstall, some Franz Ferdinand, a bit of U2 and more. Then I went back into the office to work on my script for Friday, it’s progressing and working well. After lunch we went into the studio to begin to plan our show a bit more, Ed will be kicking JKE Live off with a bang, we also went through our scripts with Julie, Honey and Ryan. Time flew by and it was 3 o’clock already. Things I’ve learnt today: I need to pronounce my words correctly, like think instead of fink! That’s all for today, looking forward to going into the town tomorrow with the radio for the Christmas lights, should be exciting! Addio!

Jordanne –

Hi all, day three and were still here! I thought they’d have got rid of us or something by now? Today was yet again another amazing day! I arrived at 9:30 and sat in the studio with Banksy as he played the last 30 minutes of his show, he even played a Nina Simone song for me. What a lovely guy!

Once everyone had signed in, me, Ed and Keran all took a turn at being in studio playing music of our choice, also being taught the ropes by Honey. It looks a bit hard at first, all those dials and buttons but it really isn’t that hard and Honey is a fantastic teacher of course! After doing that for half an hour we worked on our playlist and script for our show up until lunch when yet again me and Honey had chip and beans. They are so yummy so I just couldn’t resist!

The rest of the afternoon was pretty relaxing, Mrs K came in to visit us and see how we were getting on which was nice as I am starting to miss school… (never thought I’d say that, but it’s true!) I went over what I had planned for my show with Julie and went back to the desk to start from sqaure one as we both (she did) came up with an even better idea for my show. I am now going to do the best of Bond, so sorry guys no more Saturday Night Fever music!

So yeah, even though I didn’t get to finish it all off completely I am doing it at home as homework so it takes the load off tomorrow befor the Outside Broadcast which I am sooooo looking forward to! Being the idiot I am I missed my bus home so I had to wait another half an hour until the next bus came. What am I like?

13th November – Day 2!

Ed –

I’m back, with a punch. We arrived to find Ryan had finished our delicious promo; I have to admit I sound a bit like a stoned Neanderthal. Today we sat in on John Amos’ show, which was pretty neat. We watched the workings of a Studio in action. We then wrote a script, for a bus company’s advert. For lunch we had a massive burger. Afterwards we worked on our playlists; I have now almost completed my line up of tracks and am getting on with my script. Anywayzz i have to disapperaar nowwzz. Byezz ladiesxzzxcjr. Seeyoudasjhtomorrow.


Second Day , today has been great too, each day just keeps getting better and better. This morning I arrived and met Jordanne, we successfully managed to find our way round to the radio without getting lost, hurray! To start the morning with coffee and a chat is always great, when Ed arrived we heard our promo, great job editing Ryan! But ah isn’t it  horrible hearing your voice back, cringe! Afterward we went and sat in on John Amos’ live morning show, it was a great experience and he is amazing, so organised too! It was nice to see how the studio is when it’s being used for live broadcasting. This morning I also met Banksy properly, well isn’t he a laugh with his jokes haha, such fun. John played Babylon by David Gray, a fantastic song, one of my favourites, made my day! Afterwards we wrote a script for an advert for Suffolk Express, well that was different and new. A different lunch today, we stayed in the offices and Banksy called the Station Grill and ordered burgers, followed by that was a lunchtime filled with blogging and tweeting. In the afternoon we began to work on our individual playlists, I can tell you now trying to narrow it down to choosing just 9 songs, for my part in co-presenting JKE Live, was a serious struggle, I love way too many songs but after deliberating over some amazing tunes I have finally narrowed my playlist down and I am so excited to play it on Friday afternoon, some great and happy feel good Friday music! Eeee, so excited!! This afternoon has been blooming amazing, just listening to music, planning our show and Ed has been entertaining myself and Jordanne with his dancing to ‘I Like The Way You Move’, what a legend! For now, adiós amigos! 🙂


Yet again I was early, waiting for Keran in the reception. Today we had the daunting task of finding the station ourselves and thank god we found it successfully (even if we did have to stop and ask a few times)!
The morning seemed to go on forever, we waited around for a while having a chat about yesterday and also the day ahead then all of a sudden we were all taken into studio two  to listen to our promo……CRINGEEEEEEEE! Only joking, Ryan had put together a fantastic promo for us… thank you! After all that, we went back to the main studio and sat in on John Amos’s show, the legend that is! Watching him prepare for his show was interesting, the guy is so organised?! I NEED TO KNOW HIS SECRETS!
After an hour or so we got back to our desks and cracked on with another task Julie had set for us. We had to create a script for an advertisement, what a great experience for us all (one of us was lacking in the creativity department… obviously not me though?!) Honey was a huge help for that challenge!
Lunch was on Banksy today as Julie had forgotten her purse, he got us burgers… I am proud of myself for finishing it off, I could’ve easily stopped after two bites as it was that big. The afternoon was made up of making more progress on our playlists. I was chop and changing all afternoon but don’t worry ‘Night Fever’ is still up first! It’s time to go home now, ohhh the daunting half an hour bus journey YAY! TTFN 😀

12th November – Day 1!



Yo yo, I’m Ed and today is my first day of work experience at the station. Firstly we were taught about the equipment that keeps the radio afloat, by ‘Serge’ the head techno man. We then started brainstorming for the show; I decided that I am going to feature the wealth of talent concealed by Bury’s conservative facade. Then we had lunch. Yay! Chips and beans. Woo!!! After lunch we recorded our promo for the show, and we decided on a name, ‘JKE-live.’ See you tomorrow ladies. Lots of love.



Bonjour, I’m Keran and today was my first day of work experience at RWSfm 103.3 and it was great! The staff here is welcoming and friendly too! Today we met Julie, Serge, Honey and Ryan and they introduced us to the working environment behind the microphone and already I cannot wait for JKE-Live on Friday afternoon, I’m super excited! This afternoon after lunch (chips is the law) we worked on a name for the show and after ages of discussion we finally agreed on JKE-Live, JKE being our initials obviously. Après avoir fait cela we recorded a promo for the show, not going to lie I probably had to re-do mine like 7 times because I kept mucking up, it was very nerve-racking but I’m sure Ryan will do a great job with the editing! My idea for my part of the show is to talk about recent television, like I’m A Celebrity and X Factor. The show is on Friday and so is Children In Need so you’ll be hearing some of the past official singles! Also this year, a lot of my favourite bands have been releasing albums, I will be giving you the run-down with them , the rest is a secret, you’ll have to listen and find out! Tomorrow morning we’ll be sitting in on a live programme, I’m looking forward to it! Over and out, auf wiedersehen!


Jordanne –

I arrived at the studio half an hour earlier because I’m a sucker for making sure I am at places on time.
Once everyone had arrived Julie and Honey gave us a mini tour and was shown the way to the station. After settling in, we were given a little introduction to the studio and how things were run by Serge and then shown the fire assembly meeting point (not really that interesting but hey, we need to know these things!)

Before lunch we brainstormed ideas for our show and then began to research the music and the different things that we are going to talk about. My section will contain the best of movie music moments, starting from the 1970’s with Saturday Night Fever… you’ll have to wait until Friday’s show to see what else I have in store for you all.

Lunch was brilliant. We all sat round the table eating chips, I had chips and beans. (The same as Honey, it’s like I’m the mini version of her… SERIOUSLY!) They were delicious, but I already knew this as Julie had very much insisted beforehand that we must have chips!

Then, back to the drawing board for our show title. After much deliberation we came to the final show title of ‘JKE Live’. Finally we recorded our promo for the show which was pretty nerve racking but the results were great! Thank you Julie, Ryan and Honey for a great day… looking forward to spending the rest of the week with you guys!