Brother and Sister deliver goody bags to NHS Staff

A brother and sister have teamed up to help bring luxury goody bags for staff at the West Suffolk Hospital.

Ella, 12, and 10-year-old Cameron Fisher from Newmarket started by donating  PPE equipment from their Dad, Scott’s, laboratory businesses to local hospitals. But the pair wanted to do more and created around 20 shoe boxes filled with goodies donated by small businesses to give out as a surprise to NHS Staff.After the success of the shoe boxes Cameron came up with the idea of buying reusable bags filled with goodies.

The family, Mum Emma, Dad Scott Ella, Cameron and Buddy the dog, have so far filled and distributed 350 bags to West Suffolk, Newmarket and Addenbrookes Hospitals. The bags contains an array of items including soaps, snacks, water bottles, tea bags, notebooks and pens. Some of the bags even contained drawings by Keith Lemon as he wanted to get involved after seeing what the pair was up to.

The pair wanted to distribute the bags to all staff from nurses and doctors, cleaners porters and xray and blood staff.