Bury St Edmunds Record Club raises money for the MyWish charities forget-me-not dementia campaign

A Bury St Edmunds Record Club has raised money for the MyWish charities forget-me-not dementia campaign.

The Hoo Ha record club, which launched just over four years ago, is helping to raise money for charity.

The club, which got its name from Al Pacino’s role in the film “Scent of a Woman”, holds it’s meetings once every two months. Members to bring along vinyl records and CDs and take on the role of DJs for the night with money raised going to an assortment of organisations.

Meeting at Oakes Barn, in St Andrews Street South, Bury St Edmunds, they raised £77 for the Forget-Me -Not dementia appeal which is being co-ordinated by the My WiSH Charity which supports the West Suffolk Hospital.

Organisers Ken Last and Andy Fawcett explained that they usually post up their theme for the coming nights on social media and people bid to take part.

They then select 12 people to play their recordings for 20 minute a session with the evening lasting four hours.

The club got its name from Al Pacino’s role in the film “Scent of a Woman” as it was used by a close friend of the pair who had a niche record collection and suffered from mental health issues.

He died and they decided to name the Hoo Ha Record Club in his memory as he used the phrase “Hoo Ha” when he came into Oakes Barn. They also picked up his collection to get the group off the ground.

Ken said: “We wanted to donate to the Forget-Me-Not appeal as we both know of people who suffer from dementia and Alzheimers and it effects a lot of people who belong to the club and who come to us from all backgrounds and ages.”

Sally Daniels, appeals manager for My WiSH, said: “The Forget-Me-Not fund has allowed us to build the Memory Walk but also continue to enhance wards to ensure they are built with our dementia patients in mind including a digital reminiscence therapy system.

“The Hoo Ha Club’s money will buy a CD player for Ward F3 as music is a great way to calm patients down and make for a nicer environment.”