Could you being sitting on a Grand? Hospice on hunt for missing lottery winner

A local hospice is on the hunt for a lottery winner after attempts to pass on the £1,000 prize have drawn a blank.

St Nicholas Hospice Care is trying to locate the person who scooped the £1,000 prize in their weekly lottery draw on Friday, 4 October, but so far all efforts to

track down the winner have proved unsuccessful.

Alison Bacon-Snow, the hospice’s lottery manager, said: “We have tried all of our usual methods in an attempt to track down the lucky winner but so far, unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful. We’d love to be able to pass on the prize money to its rightful owner, but as we don’t have an up-to-date address,

phone number or email address we are really struggling.

Alison Bacon-Snow, the hospice’s lottery manager is urging all players to make sure their contact details are up-to-date.

“If you are a member of our lottery please check your allocated game numbers against the winning game number – 880467, and if you know anyone who plays our lottery, especially if they have moved recently, please let them know that we are on the hunt for a missing winner.”

If you are a member of the hospice’s lottery and have changed any of your details, no matter how long ago, please contact Alison on 01284 715566 or by emailing

The weekl

y draw, which has raised around £7.4 million since it started in 1998, gives players the chance to win prizes ranging from £10 to £1,000 every Friday.

The second prize is £250, but if this is not won it rolls over to the following weeks’ draw, increasing by £250 until it is won or reaches £10,000 – at which point one player is guaranteed to scoop the whole jackpot amount.

You can join the lottery online at It costs £1 per chance to play.

If the prize is unclaimed after six months it will be treated as a donation to the hospice. The member has the unique game number 880467.