Inquest into the death of Corrie McKeague requested by family

The family of Corrie McKeague has requested an inquest be held into his death. The Chief Coroner for England and Wales has now directed the Senior Coroner for Suffolk to hold an inquest into Corrie’s death which is believed to have occurred on 24 September 2016.

A date for a short inquest opening hearing is yet to be finalised, but is expected to occur within the next two weeks. A pre-inquest review hearing will be held early in 2021. The inquest itself will follow later in 2021.

Speaking on Facebook Corrie’s Mother, Nicola Urquhart, said “We have just heard, with excellent legal assistance, at our request the Suffolk Coroner has applied to the chief coroner and we are getting a coroners inquest for Corrie. This process will take time, but we are extremely hopeful that this will give us answers. Thank you so much for all your continued support.”

Corrie, a serving member of the Royal Air Force, is believed to have come by his death following a night out in Bury St Edmunds on 24 September 2016 and extensive searches have not been able to find his body.