Long Melford Cricket Club to walk, run and cycle 2020 miles for MyWiSH Charity

Lawrence and E J Hall taking part in the challenge on their bikes.

Long Melford Cricket club have set them selves a challenge to help raise money for the MyWISH Charity.
The Club has set up the 2020 Mile Members Challenge, where all players and supporters’ cycle, walk or run to complete 2020 miles: the distance from Suffolk to Bratislava in Slovakia and back.

The 61-day challenge began at the start of May and runs until the end of June. So far over 400 miles has been clocked up with £750 already raised for the MyWiSH charities Help Your NHS Hospital COVID-19 appeal.

The club has 110 members who play in Division 3 and 7 of the Suffolk and Essex Two Counties League, Division 1 and 3 of the Hunts County League, along with Under 15s and Under 13s sides plus the Academy which is for youngsters from five-years-old to 13.

Jason Wade, the club chairman, said: “In light of very little, if any cricket, during this 2020 season due to Covid-19 a few members have helped me to help set up this challenge which will test the fitness levels of many. It’s a little bit of fun along the way but will keep us all somehow together working for something good.”

“People have been doing a couple of miles and some up to 10 whilst others have been on exercise bikes. We have a group of runners in the club as well but we’re just asking members to do whatever they can,”
Sally Daniels, My WiSH appeal manager, said: “It was great to hear from Long Melford Cricket Club. This is a brilliant challenge and, as Jason said, will keep the club working together and maintaining fitness which is so important at the moment. The money helps us to support the hospital exactly where it is needed so we can’t thank everyone enough for their support.”