More than 200 firearms handed in during surrender in Suffolk

A firearms and ammunition surrender in Suffolk and Norfolk has been heralded a great success with nearly 500 firearms handed in across both counties.

The guns people handed in guns with out fear of prosecution

The surrender, which ran from Monday 13 November to Sunday 26 November, encouraged people to hand over their unlicensed and unwanted guns without fear of prosecution.

In total, 208 firearms were surrendered in Suffolk and 280 in Norfolk as well as a large quantity of ammunition.

Richard Kennett, Firearms Manager for both Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies, said: “The surrender was a real success and we’re extremely pleased with how many firearms have been handed in.

“We had 225 shotguns handed in, as well as 38 hand guns, including a number of self-loading pistols, an AK47 fully automatic assault rifle and even a walking stick gun.

“Although gun crime isn’t a big problem in our counties, it’s important we take measures such as this to reduce the chances of dangerous weapons falling into the wrong hands.”

A number of imitation firearms, rifles, air weapons and deactivated firearms were also handed in to officers at police stations.

The guns and ammunition will now either be destroyed or, if they are of particular historic value, donated to a licensed museum.


For further advice please contact the firearms department by calling 01473 613681.

For more details about firearms legislation visit the National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) website