Police and the RSPB launch investigation after five birds of prey were shot in West Suffolk

Police are appealing for information after five goshawks were found dead having been shot in the west of the county.

The birds were found near Kings Forrest

The five birds of prey were found on Monday 16 January, having been left in a parking area just off from the B1106 in Kings Forest, near Wordwell.

X-rays were undertaken which showed all five birds had suffered injuries from multiple pieces of shot.

All birds of prey are protected by law, and to kill or injure one could result in jail and/or an unlimited fine.

Sergeant Brian Calver of Suffolk Constabulary’s Rural Crime team said: “This is a serious wildlife crime against an amazing schedule one bird of prey that was once driven to extinction in Britain.

“There is no place for such activity in modern times. Whoever is responsible for this needs to be brought to justice and I’d urge anybody with any information whatsoever to let us know.”

X-Rays of one of the birds.

The RSPB is working with Suffolk Constabulary to help identify the culprit and has offered a reward of £5,000 to anyone who comes forward with information which leads to a conviction.

Mark Thomas, the RSPB’s Head of Investigations UK, said: “Anyone who values the natural world and abhors those who actively and criminally look to destroy it will feel as outraged as we do about this utterly despicable incident. We are calling on anyone who has information to come forward to the police.”

The RSPB and other specialists are assisting officers with the investigation.