Raynham Road residents come together to create festive decoration trail

Raynham Road Lights – Nativity Scene

Residents in Raynham Road and Gage Close in Bury St Edmunds have come together to spread some festive cheer through their local community.

Organised by resident Sue Hazell, households in the street have been going the extra mile to decorate their homes with some creating special festive themes for people to enjoy.

Sue has created a 12 days of Christmas trail around the neighbour hood by making decorations, out of recycled materials, to represent each of the days in the popular Christmas song. A few households have also created nativity scenes and one couple have created polar bears.

Speaking to RWSfm Sue said “it’s lovely to see the street come together, we really do have a lovely community. I have made so many friends in my street, many who now have my phone number and regularly call me up for a chat and to share their ideas”.

Sue Hazell, local resident who organised the Christmas Decoration in Raynham Road and Gage Close

It isn’t the first time that the residents have come together. Earlier on this year households on the street decorated their homes with a children’s story book theme, came together for a VE day front garden party, and created poppy displays which was the idea of another resident.

As well as the decorations Sue has organised for the streets residents to take part in a socially distanced Carol evening which is ran by the BBC.

Raynham Road Lights – 5 gold rings!
Raynham Road Lights
Raynham Road Lights – 7 Swans-a-swimming
Raynham Road Lights
Raynham Road Lights
Raynham Road Lights
Raynham Road Lights – 9 Ladies dancing!
Raynham Road Lights – 6 geese a-laying!
Raynham Road Lights – 10 Lords-a-leeping
Raynham Road Lights – Polar Bears!