Red the poodle cross is reunited with owners thanks to help from search teams

A dog who went missing on the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds has been found safe and well.

The poodle cross called Red was out on a walk with his family on Tuesday 12 of April when he got spooked and ran off.

Watch the moment Red entered a trap:


Family and friends searched fields where he was last seen and a social media campaign was launched to find the much-loved pet.

A reward was offered and there were several reports of him being spotted including a lady who thought she saw a man in a van chasing him towards Marham Park.

However, after two days volunteers from Drone SARS Search and Rescue began scouring the area for him and advising the public not to approach Red or call him as he was likely to have gone into Survival mode.

Following a report of him being seen in the Barton Stud area, a Missy trap was set which included a piece of clothing with his owners scent and some of his much admired KFC was placed inside.

Just before 11pm on Tuesday 19 April, Red found his way into the trap and triggered the laser which closed the trap door.

Terry Hunter from Drone SARS who was responsible for capturing Red said “catching a lost dog is a team effort where Social Media is your best friend…….you need to know where the dog is before you can trap him…….a dog that has been missing for a few days goes into survival mode and will most often run even from the loved owner so a Missy trap is vital”

Red has now returned to the family home and is resting after his adventure.

Red is reunited with his owners.