Suffolk Trading Standards warning of Green Grant scam in Bury St Edmunds

Suffolk Trading Standards have issued a warning after reports of a man calling at properties in Bury St Edmunds, advising the resident that the property needed energy improvements, and that they could receive a grant.

At one property the caller stated that the property needed a new boiler and that they would be entitled to help. He then went on to ask if they were receiving child benefits. At a neighbouring property the man told the occupant that they would be entitled to insulation.

The man wore a yellow hi-vis jacket, visor and carried a clipboard.

Suffolk Trading Standards said that “the Green Grant scheme is not due to start until September, and so any telephone calls or approaches at the doorstep related to the Government announcement will be be a scam. The roll-out of the scheme will be run locally and details of how to apply will be provided”.

They have urged us to report all scams to us via 0808 223 1133.