Take That! Gary Barlow invites teacher to premier

English singer-songwriter surprises local school by wishing a retiring teacher well and inviting her to a Take That concert. Mrs. Wingfield, a teacher at St Gregory Primary School in Sudbury had a massive surprise when the children of the school managed to get her tickets to a Take That concert with an added surprise of Gary Barlow inviting her himself.

The school put a tweet out to Mr. Barlow in May saying “Hi @GaryBarlow! This is a message from the children of St. Greg’s asking for your help in surprising Mrs. Wingfield”. Gary Barlow answered back on June 8th with his response over Twitter saying “this is a special personal message for teacher Trish Wingfield, who I’ve heard is a big fan of me and my band [Take That] and I hear also she is about to retire”.

In the request St. Gregory Primary School put to Gary Barlow, Daniel Woodrow, Headteacher at the school said “we really need your help, please. We have the most incredible teacher… she is retiring after being the most kind, patient, wonderful, inspirational person to hundreds of children throughout her career”.

Mr. Woodrow reached out to Barlow’s routes, inviting him to think back to his school days asking “I don’t know whether you had that oen teacher who made a real difference to you”. Mr. Woodrow went on to compliment Mrs. Wingfield saying “she has been that teacher to so many people and we want to give her the best send off we can.”

Gary Barlow is currently not in the country the day Mrs. Wingfield retires, however, he has a surprise for the retiree, he said “there is a certain event that’s happening in June, it’s the premier of our film Greatest Days in Leicester Square in London where we [Take That] will be performing before the film is screened and I have two tickets here for Trish Wingfield and her plus one so please come and join us for our premier in Leicester Square”.

Mrs. Wingfield’s favourite Take That song is “Sing”, the children of St. Gregory Primary School are going to learn the song and sing it to the retiring teacher in a special performance, Mr. Woodrow invited Gary Barlow to the school to sing with the children “as a surprise to Mrs. Wingfield and really make her day”.

After Mr. Woodrow finished talking the camera panned round to a hall full of pupils he said “if what I’ve said to you won’t make a difference, maybe this will”. The camera showed the pupils of St. Gregory screaming “please!”.

The interaction happened all on Twitter with Gary Barlow finally inviting Trish Wingfield to “meet me and my band mates, come and watch our performance and then sit through our film, how about that?”.