Water and silt removed from lagoons as Suffolk Highways install new pumps at Compiegne Way

Five loads of silt and water have been removed from lagoons north of Compiegne Way as part of efforts to reopen the road following flooding.

It’s the first time Suffolk Highways have made any mention of the lagoons, which sit on either side of the road.

In a statement yesterday evening a Suffolk Highways spokesperson said “Our teams have today finished road patching repair works, resetting of damaged gullies and repaired damaged verges in Compiegne Way. We will have a road marking team on-site this evening completing lining works. Completing this element of the work today will ensure there are no further hold-ups once the drainage system in Compiegne Way is repaired.
In terms of the drainage system, our teams today have removed five loads of silt/water from the lagoons to the north of Compiegne Way”.

The stretch of the road between Hollow Road and the A134 has been closed since the start of the year – Image Credit Google Maps

“We are still on programme to install two new pumps tomorrow (Thursday). We will start by installing the first new pump for the Compiegne Way drainage system and running this alongside the adjacent pump that is partially functioning. We will then fill the drainage systems with water and turn the pumps on whilst observing the outfall into the river Lark to ensure that the 1.5km section of pipe between the pumps and the outfall is functioning”.

“If successful, we will then replace the second, partially functioning pump so that the Compiegne Way system has two fully functional pumps. Successful installation and confirmation of water flowing into the River Lark should enable Compiegne Way to be reopened”.

West Suffolk Council will also be on site today to undertake street cleansing activities, including litter picking.