West Suffolk Hospital extends free parking for ‘those in greatest need’

More patients and visitors are now entitled to park for free at West Suffolk Hospital.

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust is waiving car parking charges at the hospital site for those in greatest need.

The extended free parking arrangements come into effect immediately in line with new national rules on hospital parking which include:

  • blue badge holders
  • overnight parking for parents of children who are staying in hospital
  • frequent outpatient attenders
  • staff working night shifts at the hospital.

The Trust has also announced that it will continue to offer staff free parking for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak as well as freezing patient and visitor parking tariffs at current rates.

Executive director of resources Craig Black has welcomed the announcement.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer free parking for the individuals and families who need it the most. We see every day how difficult it can be when you have a loved one who is sick, so having one less thing to worry about could really help,” he said.

“By continuing free parking for all staff for the duration of the pandemic, this helps us say a small ‘thank you’ to the incredible staff who have worked, and continue to work, tirelessly throughout the most difficult period in the history of the NHS. Staff at our trust care for patients 24/7 and their efforts over the last year have been outstanding.”

The Trust is implementing the Government’s commitment to making hospital parking free for groups who are considered as having the greatest need to access free parking. Staff who meet eligibility criteria are able to park on site for free, with others able to use a free park and ride service.